Beverly Thatcher

In 1997 after a divorce, I became increasingly sensitive and reactive to people around me.   I became highly disorganized, getting out the door each day became increasingly difficult.   When I could no longer take it, I left my Wall Street career in 2001 and moved to the Catskill mountains.  I vowed, I would find my way out of chaos and empower as many others interested in doing the same. 

I went down many roads in this pursuit, the areas that became my passion:  1.) relationships - I am committed to being the presence of love in all my interactions, being a highly sensitive person, this has put me on a trajectory of growth to shift from reacting, all of my learning came from this deep commitment of mine.

2.)  a commitment to peace, learning to be the presence of love -- instead of a reaction machine.  I have found breathwork to be the most powerful tool to shift emotions.   I teach HRV as a biofeedback tool to become aware of your actual stress.  Most people do not realize how stressed they are.   In the absence of peace, it is nearly impossible to connect with others in a profound way.  

3.)  organization, running a home & self-care -- I was so reactive and a work-a-holic, I had to learn all the basics of running a home--cooking, cleaning and managing a personal life.  I love making a difference for others seeking to regain peace, joy, connection, miracles and love in their life.   This has been an on-going commitment of mine and includes the writing of an organization book.  I am certainly not compulsive about my organizing, but aware there are times when our energy or spirit wants to move and supporting someone in organizing, is like a doula facilitating a birth, I facilitate a shift.  I understand, we shift together, I am also uplifted and gain clarity in each process.

4.)  miracles -- since grammar school I have had a fascination with miracles, which has grown into a passion of mine.  I have been whole-heartedly working with the book, A Course In Miracles, for the past twenty years.  Miracles happen from a state of miracle-mindedness, a conviction and expectation that miracles are our birth-right.   I believe in an all loving God, who does not want us to suffer, ever.   I have found the more I am willing to administer miracles and pray whole-heartedly in earnest for others, the power, love and realness of God grows within me.   Our world will never work until enough people become sincerely committed to facilitating and being miracle-minded.  I have a good judgement to know when people are open and ready for a miracle or a talk around it.   I am not committed to lecturing anyone, there is no love in that.