Things that used to hardly bother you in the past, become intolerable.  It is at this point many reach for a prescription pill, some marijuana, etc.   If you have reached this paged, your soul is likely going through, "An Awakening".

Here is my recommendation to you: 

1.)  Read my About page, so you understand how I got to where I am.  I would like you not to suffer as long as I did.

2.)  Do breathwork, like this Wim Hof.   While doing this, with your whole heart, want to experience the love of Jesus or ask him to help you to experience the love of God.   Want this like your life depends on it.   Do this every day and whenever you are experiencing severe anxiety.   Ideally, complete it with a meditation as instructed here.

3.)  Watch a JGLM Divine Healing Technician (DHT) training.  Many people receive healings, even while watching. 

4.)  Start to do, A Course In Miracles, daily lessons, ideally find a partner to do it with.  These lessons undo our ego mind and move us in the divine Mind. 

5.)  When you find yourself scared, wanted someone to be different, calling something evil or wrong, see someone suffering, you catch yourself putting a label on something or someone or judging.  When you find yourself making anything significant or heavy, experiencing guilt or blaming someone else.  Hesitate, and say a BOLD AUTHORITATIVE prayer, "In the name of Jesus Christ, show me God's perfection in ______."  or whatever healing prayer you are moved to say.   Then expect to see only miracles, trust, look only for the evidence of the miracle.   Become miracle minded and convicted to see God's glory and the kingdom of heaven.  It is in praying for others and administering miracles, that we grow in conviction and heal our dream.   Do not accept any suffering around you or say things like, "it is, what it is."  Do not tolerate the dream, step back and invoke a miracle.

6.)  Read knowledge, any of the Christ materials on this page, would be great.    Read with a friend, create a schedule so your ego doesn't try to outsmart and distract you. 

If you are in massive, massive life or death situation and you are lacking in faith reach out to someone who is experiencing and believes in miracles to pray for you. 


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