I traversed many, many paths and forms of knowledge and growth.   Lots and lots of gurus and teachers.  The one path, I remained steady and committed to was that of Jesus:  The Christ Letters, A Course in Miracles, Joel Goldsmith, Mary Eddy Baker, Raj, John G. Lake Ministry (Divine Healing Technician Training Curry Blake & Garth Wiebe), quantum physics, and of course, the New Testament

It was through meditation and breathwork with the deepest desire to experience his love, and want to give that to others, by praying in the highest earnestness as he instructed to administer miracles, did I begin to move into experiencing power and love that was totally new for me.   I began to experience Jesus' love, he moved out of being a historical figure like George Washington, to a powerful force alive within me, like I am a bride of his.   Jesus is the only teacher I am aware of that taught and instructed us to:  heal the sick, raise the dead, cast out demons and teach truth. 


We grow together by the invitation of spirit among us -- teaching, learning, praying and believing, strengthening the Christ-mind and power and love of God.   I am not out to convince or lecture others, but to leave others with the experience of God's love and being touched by truth.   

I want to work with others who have "HAD IT" with pain and earnestly are ready to seek another way. 


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