Dr Amen's tips for a healthy mind

You are not stuck with the brain we have.   But, you can’t do one thing, like Gingko, and think you are doing anything meaningful for your brain.   It is working at it holistically. 

  • BMI – aim to get between 18.5 and 25.  Between 25 and 30 is over weight 4% less brain tissue, over 30 you have 8% less brain tissue.

  • CBC – Complete blood tissue, if you are anemic you will not be thinking right

  • Fasting blood sugar – should be under 90

  • Hemoglobin A1,C – you don’t want your doctor telling you that you are prediabetic

  • Fasting Insulin –

  • A cholesterol panel.  200-250 is usually fine.  Statin sucks your brain

  • Thyroid is critical to brain

  • C-Reactive protein – should be under 1 Inflammation – is associated

  • Vitamin B12

  • Vitamin B (???)

  • Vitamin D & and curcumin - 2000 units of vitamin D a day would decrease cancer risk by 30%

  • Iron – if too high, donate blood 

  • Focus on positivity - focusing on negativity eats away at your brain – watching CNN or FOX repeatedly, affects your brain.   Do you tend to look at what others are doing right or do you repeatedly zero in on what others are doing wrong?  It not only damages your relationships, but it actually affects your brain.  Whenever you feel sad or mad, write out what you are thinking.  Ask yourself, “is it true?”

  • Get screened of your brain – SPECT, it is a functional study, starting at age 50, every 5 years.   Webneuro – measures coordination, processing speed, mood, anxiety, positivity verse negativity bias  

  • Blood Sugar - Resting blood sugar should be under 90.  Sugar is not our brain and bodies friend (sweets, pasta, rice, potatoes).   Neurons do not age, blood vessels age.   Whatever is good for your brain and heart, is also good for your genitals.  It is all about blood flow.  40% of males have erectile dysfunction, also means they have brain decaying.

  • Poor sleep – if you aren’t sleeping the trash in your brain never gets taken out.