i tend to work best with Highly Sensitive Individuals, like myself, here are some common signs you are highly sensitive: 

  1. Conflict especially in close intimate relationship affects you deeply,  it can make you feel physically ill.  It takes you out of your life, dominating your thoughts. 

  2. Criticism of any kind tends to be cutting to you.

  3. Doing something meaningful or where you feel you are making a difference in the world is important to you.

  4. If someone or something shows up unexpectedly, like from behind you, you feel a physical jolt, or perhaps scream as part of a shocked response.

  5. It is important to do things right and thoroughly. 

  6. It's hard to say no, disappoint or reject anyone.  You would rather sacrifice what is important to you.

  7. Nature rejuvenates you.

  8. You tend to have had mystical experiences, aware of coincidences, or that something more is going on than just this physical realm.

  9. You often feel misunderstood or unheard.

  10. Personal downtime is important for your well-being and peace.

  11. Tend to love pets like a child for their unconditional love that you crave.

  12. Time pressure makes you feel anxious.

  13. Violence, injustice, and difficult news often gets you emotionally upset.

  14. You are compassionate and empathetic of what others are dealing with.   .

  15. Avoid being open and sharing authentically what you are dealing with, especially with non-highly sensitive people who are like you.

  16. You are consumed with options and details when making decisions.

  17. You are drawn to fabrics and cloths that feel good and comfortable.  Comfort is more important than looks.

  18. You are least forgiving and compassionate to yourself.

  19. You are often disconnected from your own needs and if you are connected, have difficulty expressing them.  When you do express your needs, you may express them in an angry way, to compensate for a belief that you are not allowed to express yourself.

  20. You notice subtle sounds and can be distracted by them, like the sound of an air conditioner or heat, sirens, the hum of a computer while trying to sleep, or a clock.

  21. You can sense how others feel or what they need.

  22. Witnessing violence and cruelty of any kind, is agonizing.   

  23. You experience burnout and/or depletion regularly.

  24. You find it important to be polite and are likely to take offense when others aren’t up to your standard of etiquette.

  25. You have high expectations for yourself.

  26. You like to avoid conflict.

  27. You likely struggle with planning and following a strict schedule.

  28. You notice smells and aromas before most others – an ingredient, candle, foul or chemical scent, perfume, etc.

  29. You often experience anxiety.

  30. You often experience the feeling of being overwhelmed.

  31. You often feel overloaded at home in all that needs to get done.

  32. You often struggle with feeling different, bad, crazy, weird, not lovable, difficult, or not good enough. Internalize this and can often believe others are rejecting you.

  33. Tend to feel a lot of shame and embarrassment, compare yourself often to others, spend a lot of time worrying or caring about what others think of you.  Unless performance is their overall purpose in life, they tend to go in circles pursuing dreams lost in trying to get themselves “perfect” first.

  34. You prefer deep conversations instead of small talk.

  35. You suffer from chronic health conditions, like autoimmune, chronic pain, frequent headaches or digestive issues (from operating in sympathetic nervous system (fight, flight or freeze so often),.  Your body has less opportunity given for on-going cell repair and removal, etc.).

  36. You tend to be hard on yourself, making yourself wrong if you have an intense emotional reactions.

  37. You tend to catastrophize situations – making a mountain out of an mole hill.  

  38. Tend to think deeply and are prone to overthinking or obsessing, easily taking yourself on emotional spirals.

  39. You usually blame yourself or feel bad or guilty if someone else is upset or disappointed in you.  You take others being upset with you as a personal attack on you, your worth and identity.   

  40. Your world shrinks increasingly avoiding reactions or judgements you feel uncomfortable with, like avoiding bold, demanding, insensitive or highly productive people.

  41. You would rather give than receive often.

  42. You’re a seeker with lots of interests and hobbies:  exploring knowledge, trying new things, new hobbies, travel, the arts, renovating, etc.

  43. You’re deeply moved by beauty.  Music, art, scents, nature

  44. You’re perceptive.   You notice more occurring than most.

  45. You are highly intelligent. but are frustrated by the disconnect between intelligence and what you want to accomplish.

  46. You tend to fall into two overall categories:  1.) high performer – fairly organized, value keeping your word and being unstoppable - always keeping busy, not being productive makes you feel uncomfortable   2.)  more interested in being peaceful, having fun, being with people, enjoying hobbies.  

  47. Highly Sensitive People attract each other, and tend to initially feel amazing together as you intuitively know what each other loves, but as love rules are broken, you tend to trigger each other at the same time.  Neither listens or is able to fully understand or believe the feelings of the other during moments or after upset.  An endless loop occurs in one relationship after another until you begin an earnest spiritual journey in being determined to move past upsets. .