Respond to the each with:  1. Not at All, 2. Rarely, 3. Sometimes,  4. Often 5.   Most often.   Give yourself the relative amount of points for each. 

1.  If I don't understand something, I ask for clarity.

2.  When talking to people, I pay attention to their body language.

3.   When someone does something that upsets me, I have a conversation to resolve it, we are usually closer after the conversation.

4.   I resolve most of my complaints or stop complaining.

5.   I try to see perspective of others.

6.    I am interested in being straight and willing to be with the reactions of others.

7.    When I explode or get emotional with others, I take time to understand what was triggering me. 

8. When I explode or get emotional with others, I usually clear the air with them when calm.

9.  I share what I have going on in my life easily.

10.   I take people making requests or sharing ideas easily -- it doesn't trigger me.

11.   When people make unreasonable demands, I find it easy to say “no”.

12.  I rarely question what I say or do.

13.  When there is an upset, I prefer to have in person or phone conversations to text or email, so I can hear what is going on for the other person.

14.  It is easy for me to see and appreciate efforts of others.

15.  It is easy for me to admit when I made a mistake or am wrong. 

16. I ask easily for owed due items, a job, a raise, a sales order, money, or something needed.  

17.  I make an effort not to gossip, be sarcastic, speak poorly or make fun of others.

18.  I have no problems giving talks in front of a group or audience.

19.  When people do not get back to me with feedback or a request, I follow up to understand what is there for them.

20. I am tolerant to the views, opinions and values of others.

21.   I aim to work through differences with others, instead of avoiding or discarding people.

22.   I never hear others complain, "You do not listen".

23.   I empower people:  encouraging others to make their own decisions and ask questions instead of telling them what to do.  I encourage others to be self-reliant, rather than dependent on me.

24.   I have an awareness when I am not calm when talking to others, signaling I am  likely not being effective. 

25.   I make an effort to get along with the people I regularly interact with, including friends of family who visit. 

26.   I stay in close communication to others -- calling when running late or know I can't keep my word.    Keep others abreast of problems.  Keep my word.  People know they can rely on me. 

27.   I know when I am not peaceful, operating in my reactive mind pushing others away, and am able to stop or politely remove myself.